A Reason for Your Goals, Why I Became a Vet


There was a time in my life that I didn’t really know or even care of what my future was. It was the time of my life when just playing around every day was the only thing in my head, mind you I was not a child, but a teenager. In our life we find our purpose or the purpose for the direction of our lives somewhere around the time of our pre-adolescence, though this is not true for all it was for me. The way we truly define who we are comes in ways we never expect.

It was normal summer afternoon, my dog had not been as energetic as she usually was, so we took her to the Vet. It was there where it all began, a light into the direction of a path in life I now walk on. I loved my dog dearly, and seeing her sick was something I could not bear in my heart, when we arrived at the vet’s clinic it was a bit quiet, it appeared as if not one was there when we heard a voice from the back room said to wait for a moment. It was the vet, she was quite young, it seems as though that she was the only one there, and that the rest was either on their day off or was called off to a farm if I recall correctly. She told us that she would handle everything though, and we took her offer given that it was the only vet in the area and the next one was quite far away. Before I became a veterinarian I was a carpet cleaner in Atlanta, but then I decided to change my carrier

My dad had to tend to his business but I stayed, worried about my dog. After a few minutes of examination it was determined that our poor girl had some sort of parasite infection, the doctor told me not to worry though and that she was going get her all fixed up. She gave her some stuff and put her at a place at the back to recover, the doctor said it would be best that my dog would stay the night for observation and treatment. It was then that a sudden flood of patients came in, there were four or five of them, and I was still looking after my own dog so I just observed at first. I then noticed that she was having a hard time juggling several things at the same time, so I offered to help, which she gladly accepted.

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I didn’t really do much, just helped with calling the patients over when it was their turn, fetch a few things and holding one of the pets. It was easy for me to connect with the pets as I had always been good with animals, but as I was assisting I noticed the joy in the work I was doing, helping out and listening to the doctor as she made a diagnosis, I realized what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a Vet.

More often than not, it is an experience in life that will spark something within you that would make you decide on your path in life, may it be just a hobby or your career. So explore and experience things, things that you might not think you would enjoy, because you will never know when that fire will suddenly spark up inside.


Environmental Problem Case for Pet Owner

I have several cases of pets having fleas every month, but one case was persistent. I had already given the standard treatment and recommended the best solutions for these types of cases, but the fleas just keep on coming back. I was a bit foolish not to have considered environmental factors the third time they went back, after speaking with the owner and persuading them that a clean environment isn’t always enough she agreed to get their house treated. I was able to recommend a Pest Control Company Elyria I was familiar with.

Cases like these are more common than not, it is necessary to treat the living space of the patient for parasites and pests for good measure even if it is certain that they infestation happened elsewhere. For the safety of other animals and pets in the area, as well as the owners, when something like ticks or fleas are discovered to be crawling on one of your pets, or just a part of the house, treatment is necessary to avoid any problematic cases. A lot of bail bonds San Diego agencies support environmental campaigns in California.

You don’t have to worry though, as long as you always maintain the cleanliness of your pet and apply preventive treatments like flea powder or a flea collar, you can avoid cases like these from happening to you, you just have to be vigilant just in case..

How To Keep Your Vet Clinic Clean And Sanitized

Keeping the veterinary clinic clean and sanitized is among the top priorities of a veterinarian. It is no different from a hospital, and it’s just that our patients are pet animals. It is also important to the pet owners to know that their pets are not going to catch a disease in the clinic. A mere whiff of foul odor could leave a wrong impression that is why it is important to practice cleanliness and sanitation in the hospital at all times.

You also need to consult a pest control expert for advice on treating pest that could infest your clinic. We hired a professional pest control company in Columbus to help ensure our facility is pest free. You can go to their site here if you’d like to know more about their services. Keep in mind that you should consider pest prevention to your cleaning and sanitation activities.

Here are other cleaning and sanitation practices that you can adapt to your clinics.

Reception Area

It is the area that welcomes your clients so ensure that it is always in proper order. File your records neatly to avoid clutter. Frequent dusting and vacuuming will remove fur that may be left behind by the previous patient. Be quick to clean accidental urine or feces to prevent the spread of foul smell. Atlanta electricians support animal shelters in Atlanta, GA.

Exam Room

The key thing to remember is to sanitize the area after each check-up. Here are some activities that you need to do.

  • Swipe the exam table with a disinfectant. Make sure that the disinfectant is completely dried up to prevent it from sticking to the paws of your next patient.
  • Empty garbage cans regularly. You do not need to wait for it to be filled to the brim before you clean the trash can in the exam room. Remember that if it has a foul smell, you need to dispose of it away from the exam room immediately.
  • Disinfect the weighing scales after each use.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after each check-up to prevent the transfer of germs to another patient.

Always wear gloves when you are disinfecting the room because the cleaning solutions might be harmful to your skin.


Treatment Area

It is the area where hospitalized pets are kept, so it is important that this area is sanitized all the time. Use disinfectants and ensure that you are using the proper strength for it to be effective.

Isolation Area

This is the area where pets with a communicable disease such as parvo are kept. This area is required to be clean all the time or else the patient might catch the virus from the clinic again. Here are other tips to keep this area clean.

  • Have a shoe wash at the door. This shoe wash is just a tub of bleach water used to sanitize the soles of your shoes as you go in and out of the room.
  • Have separate cleaning tools and pet accessories to be utilized in this room only.
  • Seal of garbage from this area. Double bag it to be sure.


Kennel might be the hardest section to keep clean because the patients are often there. Here are some cleaning tips that might help.

  • Do not just clean the floor of the kennel. Clean the walls and the ceiling, too. Use a disinfectant to sanitize it but dry it properly before placing a new patient.
  • Old newspapers are good liners for the kennel but be wary because the ink might stain the coat of the animal.
  • Have a good number of kennel to accommodate your patients. Remember that you need to sanitize the kennel before you put a new dog in there.

To prevent mixing up the pets when it is time to return to the owners, you may use a name tags aside from name cards on the kennel..

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Every pet visit, I am always asked about fleas. It seems that cats and dogs are suffering from this pest for so long. Even if we have over-the-counter flea shampoos or powder, it appears that the problem keeps on going. It leaves the animal owner frustrated and the pet in endless bouts of itch. The fleas can also cause allergies to your dog leaving them itchier.

You know a flea infestation is severe when you can plainly see the pests on your pets. However, be sure to check the base of your pet’s tail because that is where you will see the flea dirt. The Flea dirt is the early sign of flea presence in your pet. The dirt looks like small black speckles.


Before we treat the pet, we need to know your environment. The fleas have to start somewhere. Your pet is not capable of making fleas, and they always get it from another animal or the places the go. If you have a recent flea infestation, make sure that your treat your environment using pest control. Thanks to this Bakersfield Bail Bondman we managed to improve our Bakersfield animal shelter.

It is now easy to find a good pest control company. You can visit their website to know which one can offer you the best treatment possible. In Denver, the pest control companies are reliable and professional. You can’t go wrong with them.

After dealing with the environment, it is time to deal with the pet. To better understand the pest, we need to learn about its life cycle.


The eggs of fleas hatch in one to six days. This eggs can survive even if it is not attached to the host. That is why it seems that your flea problem is never-ending. You need to have proper pest control to get rid of them in your house.


They feed on flea dirt. Yes, it’s disgusting. They eventually develop into a pupae after five to eleven days.


This is the stage where the fleas are resistant to pesticides. That is because they are enclosed in a sticky cocoon. The pupa can hatch in seven days or stay dormant until the condition is perfect for hatching.


At this stage, you will realize that your favorite pet has already been infested. The fleas are practically invisible in their egg, larvae and pupae stage.

Now that we know their life cycle, we can finally decide the most appropriate treatment for your pet. Shampoos, powder, and sprays can only offer a day of protection for the pet. Once the dog is exposed, the flea can attach to it again.

You may consider the new flea control products that can last to about a month.

  • Activyl- It is applied monthly, and it can kill ticks, too.
  • Comfortis- This is a chewable tablet to be taken once a month. This is also recommended for pets with a flea allergy.
  • Bravecto- This is a chewable table that can prevent ticks and fleas. Taking just one pill can last three months.

You may consult with your pet’s veterinarian about these alternative flea control products.

Why Vet Suggested Me To See An Exterminator Instead…

The health and safety of the people around you depends on the environment they live in. I was reminded of this thought after an incident with my four year old pet dog. She was quite lively until a year ago, when she started to look less active. She was known to be very friendly and playful among my friends and neighbors, but I noticed she was gradually acting suspiciously less active compared to her top condition. It was then that I searched for a vet to take a look at her, and later on I was quite glad I made that decision.


I really loved my dog, her name is Poochi by the way, and I only want the best for her. When I told my friends about Poochi’s odd behavior, they recommended to have her hospitalized. It appears I’m not the only one that cares deeply for Poochi. They only mentioned that option because of her recent behavior a few days before I asked them their opinion. Poochi would usually run up towards anyone, be it guest or the people that live in the house, but what they saw was just her motionless body on the floor, as if she was asleep, but her eyes was looking at us as if asking for something.


I then looked for a vet to check if there’s something wrong with Poochi. The doctor took a look at her and said she has mites. She gave me a list on what to buy and how to apply them to Poochi. A few days later, her condition stabilized and gradually looking better. I was relieved, and so was my friends and neighbors. We went on as usual until another few weeks, Poochi reverted back to her weakened condition once more.

I was alarmed because she was getting better and suddenly she was weak once again. I was thinking maybe she has acquired a terminal condition. However, after going to the vet, the doctor said she has mites. I was a little annoyed because that was what she said when I had Poochi diagnosed before, but it vanished after the doctor added something else to her analysis. She was speculating that maybe there was another dog in the neighborhood that also has mites, as it is contagious to other dogs and thus making Poochi’s treatment useless if they continue to come into contact. To my knowledge there were no other dogs that has mites, as every dog owners in the neighborhood imitated my cleaning treatment and anti-mites procedure to my dog as they were concerned that their dog might also have mites as well. After saying that, the doctor closed her eyes and said that it might be that my house was infested with mites. I immediately called the local exterminator to check my house.

The test came out positive, my house was indeed infested with pest, mites included. Now we know the root of the problem. A few months later, we were all back to our happy lives, as Poochi ran towards the door and greeted the guests with a happy bark.

Breast Enhancement – Not Only For Women ?

breast implantsToday, there are various choices to breast enhancement apart from surgery. This is specifically true when you opt to undergo breast augmentation. However, the risks of breast enhancement surgeries usually do not stop right following the total healing approach. The month after breast enhancement surgery is going to take a significant bite from your wallet. Is there any other option ? Yes! Creams! But wait… The 1 downside to breast enhancement creams is they’re great as a supportive item, but don’t provide the most effective results when used alone. These herbs are a rather fantastic way of safe breast enhancements in addition to a terrific way to maintain health. Along with these vitamins, there are several minerals that are usually used in breast enhancement supplements. Following a fitness regime which includes push-ups you can even utilize breast enhancement creams and pills.

Which type of enhancement to choose ?

There are lots of reasons a man would select some type of breast enhancement. The great news is the fact that for men, the organic options in terms of breast enlargement which are available to women are also available to them. It can take time to attain the desired effects with breast enhancement pills. As an educated consumer, it’s up to you to truly create the choice of whether an absolutely free breast pill trial is mainly for you.


How breast augmentation changed

a girl

For several years, women of all ages have never been pleased or embarrassed with their breast dimensions or underdevelopment and search for ways to raise their bust dimensions. There are numerous factors concerning why a woman’s breasts get flatter and deflated as the years go by, and it’s really no wonder with all the mix of natural gravity and also the changes which are forever made straight from the pregnancy and birthing process which the woman’s own body endures. The main reason why males really don’t have feminine breasts is they have a small quantity of estrogen inside their entire body. Generally, the size as well as shape of the woman’s breasts relies on genetics and the duration of puberty.

Previously the sole method to enhance the size of your own breasts was with costly and dangerous surgery, but that’s not true any more. You might have had re constructive surgery on your own breasts and desire a bra that could provide your figure the desired shape. Breast size is decided in huge part by the aggregate of estrogen you have in your system, by increasing this you are able to get your own breasts to grow. The program enables females to augment the size of their breasts.