6 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Being a dog is not the easiest thing on the planet. When most animals get sick, such as those who are adapted to the wild, they either heal themselves or die, which is a direct act of nature and what it’s been like for animals since the very beginning.

For those who are domesticated, however, extra care can be given to, and ultimately should be given to. Cats, dogs and birds especially require a decent amount of medical checks and attention. They are, after all, a part of the household and too cute to not be looked after properly.

When it comes to being a dog, there are many illnesses and ailments that might await these poor, harmless pets, which is why they should always be taken care of and receive regular visits to the vet.


The Most Common Types of Dog Health Problems

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Since dogs are one of the most active types of pets and most commonly the hyperactive kind, there are a lot of soft tissue injuries they might be prone to experience as they grow up. It is especially the case for dogs that are older.

Everything from strains, skin lacerations, sprains and wounds obtained from fighting can be uncomfortable for your dog, as well as painful. In most cases, these wounds are primarily accidental, but might also turn into something serious if not attended to, as it can get infected.

  • Arthritis

As dogs get older, especially crossed breeds, they tend to suffer from conditions, caused by a build-up of inflammation, commonly known as arthritis.

  • Vomiting

It might not be a pretty sight, but vomiting is one health condition that must be taken very seriously. The number one reason why a dog must always have enough water is that they can quickly become dehydrated, which might cause them to vomit. If your dog’s depressed, they might also be prone to vomiting and should be taken to a vet if they vomit for more than 4 hours, as well as if there is blood in the vomit. Vomiting might also be a result of parasites, infections, garbage gut and conditions such as kidney disease or pancreatitis.


  • Dental Diseases

Dental problems are common in dogs and might become so severe, that it might require surgical intervention for a broken toot, as well as an infection. Everything from your dog’s breath, to him, gagging might be an alert for you to take him to the vet.

  • Ear Infections

Ear infections are some of the most painful conditions for pets or any other animal as it often doesn’t get recognised fast enough. Your dog might be in pain for months before visiting a vet, which is precisely why they need to be taken for check-ups regularly.

  • Skin Allergies

Also known as Atopy, skin allergies are becoming more common in dogs these days. Symptoms might include excessive paw licking, scratching, thickened skin, chewing, regular infection, as well as hair loss due to scratching.