A Reason for Your Goals, Why I Became a Vet


There was a time in my life that I didn’t really know or even care of what my future was. It was the time of my life when just playing around every day was the only thing in my head, mind you I was not a child, but a teenager. In our life we find our purpose or the purpose for the direction of our lives somewhere around the time of our pre-adolescence, though this is not true for all it was for me. The way we truly define who we are comes in ways we never expect.

It was normal summer afternoon, my dog had not been as energetic as she usually was, so we took her to the Vet. It was there where it all began, a light into the direction of a path in life I now walk on. I loved my dog dearly, and seeing her sick was something I could not bear in my heart, when we arrived at the vet’s clinic it was a bit quiet, it appeared as if not one was there when we heard a voice from the back room said to wait for a moment. It was the vet, she was quite young, it seems as though that she was the only one there, and that the rest was either on their day off or was called off to a farm if I recall correctly. She told us that she would handle everything though, and we took her offer given that it was the only vet in the area and the next one was quite far away. Before I became a veterinarian I was a carpet cleaner in Atlanta, but then I decided to change my carrier

My dad had to tend to his business but I stayed, worried about my dog. After a few minutes of examination it was determined that our poor girl had some sort of parasite infection, the doctor told me not to worry though and that she was going get her all fixed up. She gave her some stuff and put her at a place at the back to recover, the doctor said it would be best that my dog would stay the night for observation and treatment. It was then that a sudden flood of patients came in, there were four or five of them, and I was still looking after my own dog so I just observed at first. I then noticed that she was having a hard time juggling several things at the same time, so I offered to help, which she gladly accepted.

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I didn’t really do much, just helped with calling the patients over when it was their turn, fetch a few things and holding one of the pets. It was easy for me to connect with the pets as I had always been good with animals, but as I was assisting I noticed the joy in the work I was doing, helping out and listening to the doctor as she made a diagnosis, I realized what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a Vet.

More often than not, it is an experience in life that will spark something within you that would make you decide on your path in life, may it be just a hobby or your career. So explore and experience things, things that you might not think you would enjoy, because you will never know when that fire will suddenly spark up inside.