Cats and the Raw Food Diet

No matter how friendly a cat is, it’s first natural instinct when it is hungry is to hunt for food. But a raw food diet is good for cats as it keeps them healthy and active. In this article, we’ll go through the benefits of a raw food diet for cats and how you can provide a raw food diet for your cat.

Just like dogs, cats can also have raw food, and there are veterinarians that recommend this diet for cats. It is also said that a cat would benefit more from this diet than a dog as cats are more prone to carnivorous tendencies than dogs.


The fact that cats need meat to survive also helps as they do not require carbohydrates or vegetables as part of their diet. They can only tolerate small amounts of carbs, and instead, they rely more on foods that are high in protein and moisture. Cats also require meats that are rich in taurine and fatty acids.

It is also a common belief among raw food diet supporters that cooking the meat decreases the number of vital substances in it and that is why they are all in for a diet that is biologically appropriate to what a cat would eat in the wild.

A raw food diet usually consists of uncooked animal muscle or organ meat and bones. The bone and raw food is prepared using carefully designed recipes that cat owners insist on making themselves. There are also commercials forms that you can get. Before feeding your cat a completely raw diet, it is wise to consult a veterinary nutritionist to curate the best possible diet for the cat.

Risks that include when feeding raw food are salmonella and E.coli. Out meat is usually cooked in order to remove pathogens for the consumption. Cats do not require cooked food as they have a smaller stomach that digests raw food better. Most cats pass the pathogens along the digestive tract, making them less prone to the diseases. But not all cats can be fed raw food.

The risk usually arises from the pathogens that are present on raw meat. These pathogens pose a more significant threat to the owners than the cats themselves as they can remain on the surfaces that the food is prepared or even food dishes. It also stays on the faecal matter and the face of the cats. That is why it isn’t advisable to feed raw food to cats when the owners suffer from low immunity.