How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Every pet visit, I am always asked about fleas. It seems that cats and dogs are suffering from this pest for so long. Even if we have over-the-counter flea shampoos or powder, it appears that the problem keeps on going. It leaves the animal owner frustrated and the pet in endless bouts of itch. The fleas can also cause allergies to your dog leaving them itchier.


You know a flea infestation is severe when you can plainly see the pests on your pets. However, be sure to check the base of your pet’s tail because that is where you will see the flea dirt. The Flea dirt is the early sign of flea presence in your pet. The dirt looks like small black speckles.

Before we treat the pet, we need to know your environment. The fleas have to start somewhere. Your pet is not capable of making fleas, and they always get it from another animal or the places the go. If you have a recent flea infestation, make sure that your treat your environment using pest control. Thanks to this Bakersfield Bail Bondman we managed to improve our Bakersfield animal shelter.

It is now easy to find a good pest control company. You can visit their website to know which one can offer you the best treatment possible. In Denver, the pest control companies are reliable and professional. You can’t go wrong with them.

After dealing with the environment, it is time to deal with the pet. To better understand the pest, we need to learn about its life cycle.


The eggs of fleas hatch in one to six days. This eggs can survive even if it is not attached to the host. That is why it seems that your flea problem is never-ending. You need to have proper pest control to get rid of them in your house.


They feed on flea dirt. Yes, it’s disgusting. They eventually develop into a pupae after five to eleven days.


This is the stage where the fleas are resistant to pesticides. That is because they are enclosed in a sticky cocoon. The pupa can hatch in seven days or stay dormant until the condition is perfect for hatching.


At this stage, you will realize that your favorite pet has already been infested. The fleas are practically invisible in their egg, larvae and pupae stage.

Now that we know their life cycle, we can finally decide the most appropriate treatment for your pet. Shampoos, powder, and sprays can only offer a day of protection for the pet. Once the dog is exposed, the flea can attach to it again.


You may consider the new flea control products that can last to about a month.

  • Activyl- It is applied monthly, and it can kill ticks, too.
  • Comfortis- This is a chewable tablet to be taken once a month. This is also recommended for pets with a flea allergy.
  • Bravecto- This is a chewable table that can prevent ticks and fleas. Taking just one pill can last three months.

You may consult with your pet’s veterinarian about these alternative flea control products.