Why Vet Suggested Me To See An Exterminator Instead…

The health and safety of the people around you depends on the environment they live in. I was reminded of this thought after an incident with my four year old pet dog. She was quite lively until a year ago, when she started to look less active. She was known to be very friendly and playful among my friends and neighbors, but I noticed she was gradually acting suspiciously less active compared to her top condition. It was then that I searched for a vet to take a look at her, and later on I was quite glad I made that decision.


I really loved my dog, her name is Poochi by the way, and I only want the best for her. When I told my friends about Poochi’s odd behavior, they recommended to have her hospitalized. It appears I’m not the only one that cares deeply for Poochi. They only mentioned that option because of her recent behavior a few days before I asked them their opinion. Poochi would usually run up towards anyone, be it guest or the people that live in the house, but what they saw was just her motionless body on the floor, as if she was asleep, but her eyes was looking at us as if asking for something.


I then looked for a vet to check if there’s something wrong with Poochi. The doctor took a look at her and said she has mites. She gave me a list on what to buy and how to apply them to Poochi. A few days later, her condition stabilized and gradually looking better. I was relieved, and so was my friends and neighbors. We went on as usual until another few weeks, Poochi reverted back to her weakened condition once more.

I was alarmed because she was getting better and suddenly she was weak once again. I was thinking maybe she has acquired a terminal condition. However, after going to the vet, the doctor said she has mites. I was a little annoyed because that was what she said when I had Poochi diagnosed before, but it vanished after the doctor added something else to her analysis. She was speculating that maybe there was another dog in the neighborhood that also has mites, as it is contagious to other dogs and thus making Poochi’s treatment useless if they continue to come into contact. To my knowledge there were no other dogs that has mites, as every dog owners in the neighborhood imitated my cleaning treatment and anti-mites procedure to my dog as they were concerned that their dog might also have mites as well. After saying that, the doctor closed her eyes and said that it might be that my house was infested with mites. I immediately called the local exterminator to check my house.

The test came out positive, my house was indeed infested with pest, mites included. Now we know the root of the problem. A few months later, we were all back to our happy lives, as Poochi ran towards the door and greeted the guests with a happy bark.